February 23rd, 2023. Written by Art Pekun.

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in Geomagic Software products. The links below will allow you to quickly and easily download and install your product.

Download Geomagic Freeform 2022.1.32

Download Geomagic Freeform Plus 2022.1.32

What’s New in Freeform 2022.1.32

Quick Reference Guide

Freeform Video Channel

Enterprise Deployment: Silent Installation Instructions

Patch Downloads

Manual Patch Downloads

Haptic Device Drivers

Phantom Device Driver (PDD) – Supports Parallel port devices. (Note: Firewire devices are no longer supported since v2019)
Touch Device Driver (TDD) – Supports Ethernet, USB and HID devices.

Phantom Device Drivers 5.1.9

Touch Device Driver 2023.1.4

Haptic Device User Guide

3D Systems Touch User Guide USB

Geomagic Wrap for Freeform Plus

Revolutionize Your 3D Organic Designs. On-maintenance users of Freeform Plus as of Mar 22, 2016 can now get access to the high quality Geomagic polygon editing and surfacing features to make tool ready surfaces. Wrap for Freeform Plus provides extensive Exact Surfacing tools for precise surfacing of a model into NURBS. Get more control over surface quality, patch layout and continuity.

Download Wrap For Freeform Plus

Geomagic Freeform Viewer

Easily share your clay model. The stand-alone Geomagic Freeform Viewer will display clay models from Geomagic Sculpt, Geomagic Freeform and Geomagic Freeform Plus. Simple visualization, zoom, rotate, pan, measure and cutaway tools allow others to see a model without having to be proficient in the software.

Download Freeform Viewer  


Installation Instructions – Freeform


CimLM Licensing Hub

System Requirements

System Requirements

Note: When using Geomagic FreeformĀ®, for the creation of medical devices or solutions, it is important to know that Freeform has not been designed with the intent for it to treat, plan, or diagnose patients, nor is to be considered a medical device. However, there is evidence and publicly available research that indicates many customers are successful using Geomagic Freeform in their own patient specific workflow solutions, and are following all local and applicable regulatory requirements.