February 21st, 2023. Written by Art Pekun.

If you have recently purchased a new Artec 3D scanner, Congratulations! This article will help you get started on learning the software and 3D scanning on your own.

First, please visit https://my.artec3d.com/signup to create a new Artec3D account. Let us know which email address you used and we will add any software licenses you purchased will be added to it, as soon as you let us know . 

Second, unpack your scanner and save the packaging. It will be useful for shipping the scanner back to Artec in case you have to make a repair. 

Third, take a look at these training documents and videos:

Artec Leo Quick Start Guide:


Artec Leo User Manual:


Artec Leo Quick Start Video: 

Artec Studio 18 Software Manual:


Video overview of the software:

Video instructions and tips on 3D scanning: