August 21st, 2018. Written by Alex Motley.

Sometimes the live camera feed can appear to have strange colors when the white balance is not set correctly.  Use this guide to fix white balance issues.

As of version of FlexScan3D, you can modify the white balance in the software by clicking on the “gear” icon above the live view.

If you can’t upgrade to FlexScan3D version, you can modify the white balance by using FlyCapture2.

To modify the white balance using FlyCapture2:
  1. In FlyCapture2, click on Configure Selected and go to Advanced Camera Settings.
  2. Under Memory Channels, choose Default and click on Restore.
  3. Go to Custom Video Modes, choose RGB under Pixel Format, and click Apply.
  4. Close the Settings page, close and then restart FlyCapture2.
    Save these default settings back to memory channel 1 and memory channel 2 before closing and restarting Flycapture2. You must make sure that you restart FlyCapture2!
  5. Go back into the camera configuration and in Camera Settings, uncheck all checkboxes EXCEPT for On/Off.
  6. Set the red and blue white balance to 629/682.
    These settings are recommended under normal office lighting. You may wish to change these values depending on the lighting conditions.
  7. Go to Custom Video Modes, click on Max Image Size, and then click Apply.
  8. Go to Advanced Camera Settings and save these settings to memory channels 1 and 2.

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