Many times an object may need to be scanned multiple times in order to get all sides.  These scans need to be aligned so they can be merged together at the correct orientation. This is a guide to teach a user how to align scans when using Artec Studio.  For this demonstration a wooden elephant was scanned upright and upside down.

1. The user will need multiple scans they wish to align loaded.  Then select the align tab

2. Select a point that is clear on both scans.  Then click on that point on each scan to create a pair.  The point of the tusk was used on this model.  On the left in the middle of the page, the individual scans are highlighted.  Clicked on one or the other to toggle the view.  This can make it easier to click on the area you want.  

3. Repeat for 3 different points on both scans

4. Click Align Markers to roughly align the scans.  Then click Auto-Alignment to run an additional algorithm that tightly matches the pattern and geometry of the two scans.

Click Apply in the bottom left and your scans are aligned! From here the model can be processed in the Tools tab or finished in the Auto-Pilot tab.