Setting up probe compensation inside of Point2CAD is simple, first we will need to ensure that the "Set/Override function is checked and to make sure the proper tip diameter has been entered. To do this go to "Settings" then inside of the probe setting area insure that the correct tip diameter has been entered (for Baces the standard is 4mm and for Microscribe it is 3mm).

Next ensure that the smart probe compensation has been turned on select the Icon in the image below then you can start probing with any of the Point2CAD functions and your probe radius will now be compensated.

Finally endure that your probe is facing towards your part when taking data and that the data is not being collected with the probe vertical to the part. Essentially you will want to collect the data from your part with the probe facing the ara that is being probed. Refer to the image below for a good example of how to collect data.