Point2CAD is great for recreating cylindrical parts or parts are difficult to define drafts on them. The easiest way to reverse engineer these parts is to use the cross sections tool.

The most important aspect of this feature is properly defining the cross section plane. This can either be a standard SolidWorks plane or an additional reference plane. For this tutorial we will be creating the cross section using the front plane in SolidWorks.

Start by properly identifying a starting plane. For this part we have chosen the area shown below.

Next, we will need some form of line. For cylindrical parts this can either be a keyway or if there is no keyway the edge of the table your working on can also be used.

The last part of the coordinate definition will be to create an origin. This is the most important part when reverse engineering cylindrical parts. Any cylindrical area can be used. However, for best results if the cylinder has a draft, take points at the bottom or top shoulder of the cylinder.

Now that the coordinate system is correctly set up we can select our plane. For this part it will be the front SolidWorks plane. Then using the probe we can select the cross sections icon.

After this has been selected you can use your choice of any of the sketching tools in Point2CAD, whether it be lines, arcs or splines. The cross section tool will work great. For this tutorial we will chose the Auto Sketch tool.

To sketch using the cross section tool simply hold down the green button and then drag the probe of your arm across the part running perpendicular to the plane that you are sketching on. Repeat this process to create all of the features needed to define your part.