RevWorks Getting Started Tutorial:

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MicroScribe G2 Users Guide – PDF
MicroScribe MX Users Guide – PDF
MicroScribe 3D Users Guide – PDF
Proper homing for MX or MLX 6Dof Microscribe-PDF
Achieving optimal accuracy with MicroScribe MX and MLX models Using Nonstandard tips with the MicroScribe – PDF
Diagnosing PC connection problems – PDF 

The following documents can assist with using MUS with various software programs:
Autocad 2009 - PDF
AutoCAD14-2000 – PDF
Autodesk Inventor – PDF
Mastercam Design – PDF

The following advanced techniques can help you to maximize the use of your MicroScribe system:
Daisy Chaining and Part Referencing in Rhino (Leapfrog)
Using Digitize Planar Section Curves in Rhino
Ball Tip Probe Compensation

RSI Laser Tutorial

Merge file Tutorial_PDF Hardware Setup-PDF MicroScan-3D Manual-PDF Using Microscan -PDF

3rd Party Resources: