Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with the C Series Scanner

This quick start guide provides you with the resources to get you started on 3D scanning.

The C Series 3D Scanner comes with:

  • Physical capturing unit for capturing 3D data (some assembly is required)

    • Note: Users purchased either the C210, C109, or C506.  All units are identical except for the scanning volume. 

    • Note: Parts of this guide are useful for older Legacy models of 120 and 109.  If users have legacy components please disregard frame and rotary sections.  

  • Scanning software, FlexScan3D

Assembling the Capturing Unit

Instructions for assembly can be found in this Quick Start Guide

Installation of FlexScan

Step by step process up through a first initial scan is outlined at the end of this Quick Start Guide

Computer Requirements for FlexScan

  • Windows 7 or higher machine

  • i7 intel processor

  • 16gb of Ram 

  • 25gb of free memory space

  • Nvidia 980 gtx graphics card or comparable or better

  • Ethernet RJ-45 LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)

Customer Support

If you have any installation issues after following this guide, please contact:




North America

Phone: +1 434 946 9887

Congratulations on purchasing the C series Scanner!  Here are the steps to set up the capturing unit for 3D data acquisition.  The components delivered are labeled below.




Scanner System


Rotary Kastar Power Supply

Rotary USB Cable


Rotary Calibration Board


Scanner Ethernet Cable


Scanner Power Supply


Rotary Calibration Board Stand

Connecting HDI Compact to Host Computer

Ensure that the sensor is on by checking that the POWER LED is illuminated and that the Ethernet RJ45 plug is connected to an Ethernet port.  If the scanning unit is C210, C109, or C506 users will have to plug in the rotary table with the USB cable which also connects to the Rotary Table power supply. 

Configure Network Settings

Make sure that the host computer’s Subnet matches the Subnet of the scanner.  The C Series scanners have the following default settings:





IP Address

Subnet Mask

Gateway Path

If unsure of the scanner’s IP settings, or if the default IP settings conflict with your host’s other networks, you can use a simple tool called kDiscovery to confirm and/or change the scanner’s IP Address.  It is located at

Check Host Network settings by opening Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings.  Right-Click ethernet connected to the scanner and select Properties.

On the Networking tab, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties.

Ensure that DHCP is disabled and that the subnet matches the IP of the sensor.  The default is 192.168.1 but as long as the first three values match it should be fine.

Driver Settings

If you are using the older 109 or 120 models, make sure to enable the HDI Legacy Drivers under the Settings menu.  If you are using the C109, C210 or C506, then Legacy Drivers should be disabled. 

FlexScan3D must be restarted when this setting is changed

Add Scanner in FlexScan3D

Under the Scanners menu, select Add.  You should see a red icon for the C-series scanners.  For older models you will see a blue icon.  Select G3 and click Ok.

Once properly connected in FlexScan3D, you should be able to see a live-preview of the scanner on the right hand side.  You are then ready to begin scanning. 

If this process does not work for you, try and hit Remove to clear the old information and start again with Add.

Compatible Firmware Version

If there is a mismatch between FlexScan3D and HDI Compact firmware, it might not work properly.  So please make sure of it.

FlexScan3D Version

Gocator firmware version

(Customer Release)

Gocater Release 4.7


Gocater Release 4.7



Scanner is not connecting

If your system is using a wireless or home network, ensure that the scanner’s subnet does not match your own network.  For example if your network’s IP is 192.168.1.XX, then it is advised that you change your scanner’s IP to something like 192.168.0.YY.

If you are unsure of whether your scanner’s network settings are properly configured, a good way to verify is by trying to connect to it via a web browser by entering your scanner’s IP into the browser address bar.  If you are unable to connect, there is likely an issue with your network settings. 

Ensure that there is no firewall interference with the scanner.

If you are unsure of the scanner’s IP settings, or if the default IP conflicts with your host’s other networks, you can use a simple tool called kDiscovery to confirm and/or change the scanner’s IP Address.  You can download at

Additional information about the C Series and FlexScan3D can be found on the Internet at as well as the Metron3D channel on Youtube for video demonstration and tutorials.