E Series Scanner Troubleshooting Guide


Projector won’t turn on:

  • Is the power source plugged in?

  • Is the HDMI plugged into the computer, switch ports if not recognized.  Video card port preferred over motherboard.

  • To detect: Left click on home screen, select screen resolution on drop down menu, press detect, then identify.  Projector must be display 2 while computer screen is 1. Switch if necessary or change from Duplicate to Extend if they both show 1. 

Cameras not turning on:

  • Is the light on the back of each camera green? If not check they are securely plugged and the cables are screwed into place.  Make sure that these screws remain

  • Is the USB port a 3.0? If not look for a USB port that has blue inside instead of black.

  • Does the computer recognize the cameras?  Open PointGrey FlyCapture2 Program.  This will tell if computer can see cameras.  While you are in this program, make sure that the cameras read as “USB 3.0”. 


Scanner not detected

  • Is there a previous scanner loaded? In the “Scanner” tab, click “Remove”, then “Import”.  This will open a window where you will make sure that the scanner is importing as the following: “From Camera: PT Grey”.

FlexScan3D running slow

  • Are there multiple scans of multiple parts open? If a part is finished and saved delete previous scans to open up room for new ones.

  • Is your computer memory full? Try to have a least 5Gb of free space on the hard drive to allow the program to function properly

The focus pattern is appearing on my computer monitor: 

  • Did the scanner get disconnected? If so ctrl-alt-delete and open task manager. Close FlexScan3D and try again. 

  • Is nothing happening? Press the windows key to force the bottom program bar to appear. Right click on the program and select close window.  Restart FlexScan3D

  • Is nothing working and you are frustrated?  Press and hold the power button on your computer for 5+ seconds until everything shuts off.  Check the connections on your system and restart.