The C series uses an ethernet cable to connect to the computer and relies on the user's network settings being correct.  If these settings are not correct it will appear as though there is no scanner when inside of FlexScan.

In order to address this issue you will need to make sure the scanner is properly plugged into the computer.  You can check connection by downloading this tool:

When the C series has power and is plugged into the computer, this is what will appear when KDiscovery is opened:

This is important to record the IP address and mask of the scanner.  We will need it later on.

Next the network adapter needs to be configured to look for this IP address. 

To do so go to the Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings.

You will see all the networks the computer is connected to.  There should be an Ethernet connection, right click and select Properties.

One the Networking tab click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click  Properties

Select Use the following IP address and make sure that the subnet mask matches the IP of the sensor.  Then make sure only the first three vales match the IP address of the scanner.  For example: the scanner above's IP was  I might change the IP address in the network adapter  The last value must be different.

There are three common default IP addresses for C series scanners.

Your scanner should be close to one of those.

Now select ok and close all the windows.  Now go to FlexScan3D and try to add the scanner.  When the menu pops up change from Add new HDI Advance to G3 or G2.