This article explains how you can operate the Artec Ray 3D scanner using its top Green LED button and on-board memory.

Autonomous Mode

If you are scanning a relatively simple space without many arrangements or viewpoints, you can operate the scanner using its top Green LED button and on-board memory.

  1. Make sure the Ray is turned on with the USB cable unplugged.
  2. Press the top Green LED button to start the scan.
  3. When the scanner stops rotating and the LED ring returns to solid green, move to the next scan position (if applicable) and press the button again to begin your next scan.

If you press this button before step No. 3 of the procedure above, the scanner stops scanning.

 StatusSoundPossible causes
No lightsBoth power cable and battery are taken out
top_red_blinktop_green_blinkRed and green both blinkingEither power cable or battery is inserted, but the scanner is turned off (power switch is red).
top_redtop_greenRed and green both solidContinuous triple chime only in the case of cause 3
  1. About to boot up;
  2. Controlled via USB (Artec Studio);
  3. Controlled via Wi-Fi or autonomously and microSD card is either full or missing.
top_redtop_green_blinkRed solid, green blinkingBooting up
top_nonetop_greenNo red, green solidShort single chimeReady to operate
top_nonetop_green_blinkNo red, green blinkingContinuous single chimeScanning in autonomous mode or via Wi-Fi
top_red_pulsetop_green_pulseBoth pulses frequentlyCritical error that requires the support-team involvement