August 9th, 2021. Written by Art Pekun.

There is a known issue with FlexScan3D where a scanner suddenly stops working with the software. The computer will recognize that the scanner is plugged in, but the software will fail to connect. There is a specific set of steps that will fix this problem:

  1. Start FlexScan.
  2. Open Settings and turn on the legacy “Blue HDI Driver.
  3. Restart FlexScan.
  4. Turn on your 3D scanner.
  5. Go to the Scanners tab and select the HDI scanner option.
  6. FlexScan will try to auto configure the scanner. Let it run until it fails. This will take about 5 mins.
  7. FlexScan will notify you that it failed to set the IP for the scanner.
  8. Go to Settings, and turn off the legacy “Blue HDI Driver.
FlexScan3D screenshot Blue HDI Driver