March 2nd, 2021. Written by Art Pekun.

Yes and No. You can get away with a printed board for calibrating your rotary table. But a printed board will not be sufficient for an accurate calibration of your scanner. 

Using the right calibration board to calibrate the scanner for accuracy ensures you get the best scanning results for a particular scanning volume. Our calibration boards are optimized to work with FlexScan3D.

The calibration boards are produced using high resolution prints mounted on optically flat glass. Each one is individually machine inspected to ensure dimensionally accurate results.

The issue with printing your own calibration board is that, while the print might be sharp enough, it is likely you will not be able to mount it flat enough to ensure an accurate calibration. The flatness of the board has to be within a micron accuracy to ensure you get usable results from your scan data.

FAQ: What to do if you lost the stand for your calibration board?