August 21st, 2018. Written by Alex Motley.

The HDI compact series is continually being updated. New firmware versions allow users to have the most up to date equipment that aligns with the most recent FlexScan3D softwares.  If the firmware version does not match the software users often get a partially working scanner that results in crashing FlexScan3D or bad scan quality.

It is very easy to update the firmware manually.  First the user must find the IP address of the device.  In the Scanners tab in FlexScan3D, press the Network Config button.

This will display a pop up with the IP Address.  Write that number down then type it into an internet browser.  That should bring up its internal software system.

Once you get there please select the Maintenance button that is at the bottom of the list on the left.

In the Firmware section users can select check for updates.  The computer will look inside of the C series and determine if the firmware is up to date.  If the device is out of date there will be a message in red asking if users would like to download the current version.  Select that link and save the file somewhere easy to access.  Then press the upgrade button and find the file that was just saved.  After a minute the firmware will be installed and any issues with the C series matching up to FlexScan3D should be resolved.  If there are any more issues please let us know.